Can't get a sound to stop looping in sound project

Hey! I’m making this project where sounds are played according to how the user moves there body. I’ve run into an issue though. When a circle is lit, it continues to loop over and over, but all I want it to do is play the sound once when once the circle is lit. Adjust the threshold slider to start seeing the grid. It seems like an easy fix but I really can’t figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome, ppurcell.

This does not solve the issue completely, but should get you thinking along these lines:

var cycleSounds = random(sounds);
    // If sound is not already playing, do not play again.
    if (bright > threshold && !cycleSounds.isPlaying()) {
    } else {

Otherwise, be sure to read more of the docs for other methods which might be of interest.

Hope this helps