Can't get Bootstrap and/or Jquery working in CodePen

I’m having problems getting up and running with codePen. I think it may be because I’ve not added the correct libraries? The code works fine when I try it in someone else’s codepen, but not in mine.
Would anybody mind having a quick look and seeing what could be wrong? I’d really appreciate any help!
Many thanks!

I was having the same sort of problems by using the quick add option its loading v4 of bootstrap which from what I can tell is newish? and a bit buggy in some respects? so you can either read up on migration to v4 here - or find the last stable v of bootstrap and replace it in your quick add on code pen.

Very early days but here is my code to date using v4 - ignore everything but nav code its a work in progress lol.


I could be way off I have only been doing this a week :smile: :joy: :joy:

Hope you get it sorted.

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Thanks a lot Simon! I’ll look into that now! Appreciate your help!

No problem it boggled my mind for three days and looking at the migration link it does say navbar-default has been replaced by navbar-light but if you take all that out and put bg-inverse you should see the beginning of the nav bar take shape.

yeah, that was sending me nuts!! been trying to work it out for ages! There should definitely be something explaining that on the course!

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