Can't get jQuery to work on Codepen

I just started working on my tribute page so I’m very new at this, and can’t get jQuery working. Maybe I haven’t added the right scripts or maybe I’m writing the code wrong, whatever the case is, I can’t seem to to figure out what it is I’m doing wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I guess fade-In should be fadeIn

Yeah, noticed that about a minute before you replied, but still doesn’t work.

Just found the problem: You use fadeIn on elements that are already visible. You should make them invisible (display: none) for fadeIn to work. The easiest way to see that everything is working is changing fadeIn to fadeOut. You will see that it works as expected.

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Awesome! Thanks a lot!

Set the image class with 0 opacity and use fadeTo( “slow”, 1.0 );

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I found another method but will keep this as a backup. I’m sure something will go wrong with the code I wrote. Thanks!