Can't get my question to work

I am trying to make a question where you type in the answer and submit to see if you are correct or false. But for some reason even when I put in the right answer in the input to the question, it still says false.

Javascript code:

var qAnswer = document.getElementsByClassName(“P7”)[0];
var question1 = document.getElementById(“question1”).value;

function check(){
if (question1 == “2007”){

     qAnswer.innerHTML = "Correct";

} else {
qAnswer.innerHTML = “False”;
} = “visible”;

HTML code:

 <h1>Second Question...</h1>

 <p>When did Cod 4 get released?</p>

 <p class="P6">Type in your answer</p>


 <input  id="question1" type="text">

 <button type="button" class="S1" onclick="check()">Submit</button>

 <p class="P7"></p>

@_Maxim hi, try to console.log the question1

I tried that but nothing was written in the console

@_Maxim where? inside the check function?