Can't insert space on Hello World lesson from Android phone

Previously posted on Twitter:

I am using an Android Xiaomi phone.

With browser Chrome.

So I’m trying to type inside the html tag the words “Hello World” but when hitting space, it won’t work, so I cannot type space and then validate the lesson and move on.

Update, I can see the cause is the code editor:

Maybe there should be a fallback editor on mobile devices.

Try a coding keyboard, like the Codeboard app.

Keyboards with predictive text can cause issues.

Thanks, I’ll look into that. But if this is “the solution” maybe there should be some info about it right on the mobile interface of the freecodecamp lesson.

The mobile interface has undergone massive improvements with the latest version, but it’s far from perfect.

A better version for mobile is being worked on, if I recall correctly.

That’s cool. Well I just think at least it should not be “buggy” in terms of not being able to complete a lesson because space / keyboard won’t work. I really don’t know how many people use it from mobile, but still, if someone tries it and they can’t move on, maybe they just drop it and move to something else.