Can't link images to my codepen portfolio

Can't link images to my codepen portfolio
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Having trouble linking images for my portfolio. I’ve tried using google photos to host the screenshots but so far no luck. I have a feeling it may be something to do with my code.
Here is my pen:

This is getting super frustrating now


I don’t see any code that adds images?


I don’t see any images link or even tags. How come you expect to link ?


Sorry forgot to save pen. Code for image is line 54


The image link you have used isn’t direct.

The direct link for that image would be:

So I will suggest, upload your image on and place its direct link there.


thanks. Does imgur work for codepen? I read somewhere it doesn’t


It works, you can use it.


It works. Thanks heaps. No more google photos


For some reason images aren’t working again today. I haven’t changed the code for the images and the links are still valid.

lines 54 to 56 html


Never mind its working again, no idea why that happened