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Hi everyone, I need help from this. I think I did exactly what the topic wants, however I cant pass it. Please tell me where I have been wrong. Thank you so much.
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h1 {font-size: 68px;}
h2 {font-size: 52px;}
h3 {font-size: 40px;}
h4 {font-size: 32px;}
h5 {font-size: 21px;}
h6 {font-size: 14px;}
<h1>This is h1 text</h1>
<h2>This is h2 text</h2>
<h3>This is h3 text</h3>
<h4>This is h4 text</h4>
<h5>This is h5 text</h5>
<h6>This is h6 text</h6>

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Challenge: Set the font-size for Multiple Heading Elements

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it works, in my end… make sure u have extensions such as adblockers removed from the page:)


i test your cod and it is okay and pass this topic

Thank you so much. I will check the other things n let’s see

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Thank you so much. I will check it out

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