Can't seem to get forismatic api working

I cannot seem to find a solution to get the forismatic api working. I’d appreciate any help.

UPDATE: I have ditched forismatic, and switched to quotesondesign, which worked for me. I would still like to know how I could have made forismatic work though.

Here is my code:

$(“getQuoteButton”).on(“click”, function() {

function getQuote() {

function(response) {




$(document).ready(function() {

When you open you console in the browser by pressing F12 you will see a warning. This is because codepen is using https and the quote api is using http.

I don’t know how to fix this error…
Maybe you have to use a other api that uses https

I have found another codepen using a similar $.getJSON method, but is working fine.

I checked its settings, and discovered this link

in its settings > javascript, but I can’t get it to work if I apply the same settings.

I have also tried the ajax method with CORS but is also unsuccessful.

I am still looking for a solution, and is also trying to figure out how other campers have succeeded. I will post an update if I manage to figure it out. Maybe it is an issue with codepen.

Nevertheless, thanks for your feedback!


I have ditched forismatic for now and used quotesondesign instead. Will still love to explore how I could have made forismatic work though.

The answer is Mixed Content.

When you go to everythink works.
But when you go to and you will open the console with F12 you will see a warning, because codepen is now using https but the api is using http

Ah, I didn’t notice that!

Was codepen using http not long before? I have seen threads in the forum whereby they have managed to get the forismatic api working before, but now when I visit their codepens some of them aren’t working any more.

Now the real question: is this an issue faced by developers in the real world? Or is it merely a limitation of codepen that we are facing as we are learning to code?

I mean, I could get by it now as a project since I do not HAVE TO use forismatic. Will I (if I manage to become a developer in the future) face similar issues then? I’d love to find out how I can fix this, or at least where I should be looking for ways to fix this.

At this point I feel I have too much I do not understand, but I don’t know what I don’t know. Hopefully as I progress through the syllabus and projects I’d be guided to the right direction.

Thanks for the help!