Cant show certification i get (404) error page

I have completed my html css projects yet i am un able to “show” my certificate i claimed it but when i click show cert i get a 404 error page

Did you accept the academic honesty policy?

yes i red that academic honesty policy

Try refreshing your page or try in some other browser.
You can even share the link so that i can see if it displays for me.

same thing on other browsers:cold_sweat: here is the link says it couldn’t find a user named omargaber.
What is your fcc username?

my fcc user name is omargaber20

Try changing your name in the settings and see if that works?

You haven’t made your profile public. Certificates can only be viewed if you have a public profile.

In the above example, the only thing that is private is the donations.

well good news the (404) error is gone i changed the username and made a new one (pegasus20) bad news it keeps telling me to make it puplic but ive already changed it to public

It’s public:
Here’s the link to your certification:

@ArielLeslie omg thanks alot i spent the last two days trying to find out how to fix this iam highly appreciated :blush:

@aditya_p thank you too man for trying to help me

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