Can't understand why RGB colors isn't working? Coding help!

For some reason this code is not correct?? Can someone help me please. I have checked on the forum and it seems to be correct.


I’ll give you a hint: semi-colons

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I just tried while i was waiting for a reply!! Sorry for taking up your time and thanks for the answer!

Well done! Attention to detail is often your friend.

Very true good sir!! I must pay more attention.

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I’m not sure, but I think an HTML validator would have been able to pick up on that. If so, it is often good to run these things through a validator first to pick up on easy mistakes like that.

It is completely valid, so it wouldn’t have been picked up. However, the tests run by FCC are quite strict, that’s why it is failing. That being said, it is very good practice to always use semicolons, even though in this case it isn’t necessary. (standalone validators are kinda obselete anyway, linting tools built into editors can do the job better and in real-time).

As they should be. I believe in learning things the proper way first. Optionality is not for beginners - that applies to many fields.

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Yeah, it’s more for saving bytes when minifying CSS I guess; it’s really easy to have a tool go through all the css and strip out the last semicolon in each block. Not really a great idea to do it when authoring stylesheets, inevitably you then write another line and forget to add that semicolon in and it all breaks

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