Career Advice in Coding and Programming

Good Everyone

Hello how are you today , I need advice on coding and programming career advice so I am doing HTML and CSS after that I will do Javascript , or Python and Java ? so web development does it has jobs ? or internships in the near future or AI going to replace web development

People here are happy to talk about their programming careers and offer what advice they can. If you have questions, feel free to ask them.

Hello and welcome!

If you can afford it, go to university. A degree will open all fields of software- and web development for you. There’s another option that still offers enough opportunities:

You can go my way that got me into the industry, because it was too late for uni: Take a bootcamp or online course (IBM and Meta offer decent, affordable ones) and add computer science courses for algorithms, data structures and low level languages like C/ C++. Just make it clear to companies that you are serious about the profession.

Also code until your fingers bleed and your brain wants to move out, it’s the only way to become good at software development.

Regarding AI: As someone working on AI projects on the side, It is far away from replacing humans. You have to test what an AI gives out as code every time, it’s still making too many mistakes.

Wish you success and all the best!

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