Career Guidance!

Hi campers!!!

Hope everyone is doing great… Let me introduce myself. My name is Sakthi. I recently moved to NC from India. Basically I am a civil engineer and was working as a structural engineer in an oil and gas company. I recently planned to switch career into IT field since oil market is down now.

These are my accomplishments in programming right now.

  1. finished basic programming courses in java and html and css from Udacity and Coursera
  2. recently got Associate java programmer certification from Oracle
  3. Developed small applications like calculator and birthday reminder.

My question is
What would it take for the software companies to consider me for an entry level programmer job?

Thanks a lot for your time

My main advice would be to have something to show off. Make a personal project (or several) which show your skill range and give you something to talk about in interviews and/or make contributions to open source projects. Whenever possible: show instead of tell.


Hi @srmuruga!

What @ArielLeslie said is basically it, and I’d give the same advice to you as I did to @drikting in [his thread on the same subject] ( Smart employers care more about a track record of getting things done than credentials or qualifications.

Hi, srmuruga,

As the other campers said, try to build some projects to show rather than tell people what you know.

Also, if you see a job you like, just go ahead and apply it, you might see some rejection, but sometime, even you are not exactly fit the job description in term of experience, you might be one of the best candidates that they interview with, the company might be willing to consider hire and spend the time to train you into the employee that they want.

I got job offer before as a jr. .Net developer when I didn’t have any experience with .Net

So, keep applying for job that you are interested in.