Case Converter Program - Step 21

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I have removed all the # comments , I don’t understand what is wrong with the code

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def convert_to_snake_case(pascal_or_camel_cased_string):

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      snake_cased_char_list = []
      for char in pascal_or_camel_cased_string:
          if char.isupper():
              converted_character = '_' + char.lower()
      snake_cased_string = ''.join(snake_cased_char_list)
      clean_snake_cased_string = snake_cased_string.strip('_')

      return clean_snake_cased_string

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    snake_cased_char_list = [
        '_' + char.lower() if char.isupper()
        else char
        for char in pascal_or_camel_cased_string

    return ''.join(snake_cased_char_list).strip('_')

def main():

if __name__ == '__main__':

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Learn Python List Comprehension by Building a Case Converter Program - Step 21

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I understood what I did wrong.

Hi @Tarzan112345678

Here is a comparison of your code with the original.

The red code is the original code.
Underneath it is your code, in blue.

The magenta shows the overlap.

The instructions asked you to remove the commented out lines.
You appear to have removed only the hash symbols.

You need to remove the entire line.

Happy coding