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I’ve been working on this algorithm for five days. At one point, I attempted to modify the solution posted by another user, but the tests still failed. Today I directly copy/pasted (without modifying at all) SEVERAL of the solutions given by users, so I would know if it was worth looking at further. NONE of them passed any of the tests. Is this an intentional method used for this forum? The only solution I tried that passes the tests is the “official” solution in the original guide post. I’m really confused.

The challenges receive updates periodically, so copying answers you find may result in the tests not passing.

It’s also against the academic honesty policy for projects to submit copied answers, btw.

Right, I wasn’t intending to submit those answers as my solution, I just didn’t understand why they didn’t work! I wanted to have something that works to use as an example, I’m really struggling with the task. Does that make sense?

freeCodeCamp’s challenges evolve over time because we are always trying to make them more effective. You may have found solutions that worked for a slightly older version of the challenge. It’s also possible that there was something else going on. We do try to prevent people from sharing working solutions on the forum outside of specific situations.

If you plan on claiming the certificate, you’ll want to redo this project on your own. I hope that if you get stuck, you’ll feel comfortable sharing your in-progress solution here. We’d be happy to help get you unstuck.

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Thanks @ArielLeslie, I’ll do that.

Understanding other people’s code and reverse engineering is an important development skill, but it’s not a skill we really want people practicing on the projects. It’s really recommended that you only look at solutions after you finish the project.

We’re more than happy to help you fix issues or answer questions as you develop your own solution. Learning to problem solve and develop code is a hard skill that takes practice!

Ok @JeremyLT thanks for the feedback.