Cat photo app step 15

Hello, I happen to have trouble with this same step. I am very new to coding. I was trying to self-problem solve for a while, so I may have made a mess of what is needed for the code to pass. Here is a screenshot of

1: The code so far for step 15
2: The confirmation that the photo would link successfully
3: The hint given by the course

I would appreciate any tips, tricks, corrections, criticisms, etc.
Please and thank you!

you may just need a </a> to close off the anchor tag
(add it to the right side of the img element)

if you need more help, copy and paste the code in your next response here so we can see it clearly.

Still no luck. Here is the code I have (apologies if this is not formatted well for you to look at)

  <a target="_blank" href="">.<img src=""</a> <alt="A cute orange cat lying on its back.">

the alt argument should be inside the img element
i think that will make you go through.

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you’ve mixed up all the parts
Here’s a sample of the correct order
<a href="something"><img src="something" alt="something"></a>

Notice the location of the anchor closing tag?
I would reset this step and redo it.
This time do not modify the img tag at all.
Just add code to its right and to its left.

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Thank you I appreciate it!

Thank you Hanna, I appreciate your help a lot!

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I mean Hanaa, thank you again

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