Cat Photo App - Step 4


I got stuck either and I cannot figured out why, as I followed all steps. In my situation it seems that I dont tip the text.
"Commenting allows you to leave messages without affecting the browser display. It also allows you to make code inactive. A comment in HTML starts with <!--, contains any number of lines of text, and ends with -->. For example, the comment <!-- TODO: Remove h1 --> contains the text TODO: Remove h1.

Add a comment above the p element with this text:

TODO: Add link to cat photos "

   <p>Click here to view more cat photos.</p>
    <!--TODO:Add link to cat photos-->

or should I comment above

You don’t need to paste the instructions, I can read them myself.

I can’t read your mind to know what part of the instructions is confusing you and you deleted any code you tried.

Can you show me what you tried? Can you be specific about which words or phrases are confusing?

thx for answering! the sentence is TODO: Add link to cat photo

I do

Ok. I don’t see where you typed that anywhere. You’re going to need to put that sentence before the p element.

that is the point, I did it and still wrong

But you have typed nothing in?

What does the code look like when you try to follow the instructions?

Oh. You hijacked somebody else’s thread. Just a sec as I separate the posts.

Yes. That’s what the instructions say to do.

I do :

<--!TODO: Add link to cat photos-->
<p>Click here to view more cat photos</p>

my comment see like this one but I get an error that I should add the sentence, which I already tipped… can the step has an error?


I got it done… I should only to “pace” btw – and TODO as ← TODO… and so on…

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