CatPhotoApp Project on Responsive Web Design

At the very end (or almost the end) of the CatPhotoApp project, the instructions tell you to add an attribute ‘lang’ with a value ‘en’ to the opening html tag. For some reason, it does not pass, even when done correctly. I don’t think there’s any problem from my side. Did anyone run into this issue while working on this?

Use the Ask for help to automatically copy your code, so that we can easily see what’s wrong.

The HTML tag is the first line of your code right now. HTML is an element, and elements can have attributes.

You need to give an attribute of LANG with the value of EN to that first HTML element.

<element attribute="value"></element>

Type all lowercase unless the tutorial is showing it capitalized.

I see. Thanks for that. Here is the link to the new question I just posted!

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