CDN Link - Solved


I’ve read several posts about the CDN link for the survey page showing tests of the Tribute Page; but i don’t understand any of them.

At some point, someone points out that the link needs to be pasted in the settings (or “forked”) but i wasn’t able to have it work…

would really appreciate being able to see tests for the Survey Form and not Tribute Page.


Hey Phil,
It would be of great help for us if you can post the link to your codepen.

Hi Aditya,

Thanks for your reply!

Below is the link. I also attached two snips showing it appearing on the instructions page, and also in my codepen html section (i purposely moved it down to line 3 - i read in a post that moving it down from the header could help, but it didn’t work)

You didn’t provide link to your project on

You mean like this?:

what are the settings that should be used?

NO, like this.
This will help me in looking into your code and try to provide a solution.



Below is the link i was looking for:

Coming to your main problem,

If you select “survey form” from options of project, you will be able to see tests for survey form.


Could you send me a picture example?

See if this helps.


Thank You Aditya!

I appreciate you leading me through! Will pay more attention next time to “general” links.


Glad i could help.
All the best for project.