Celestial Bodies Database - Build a Celestial Bodies Database

Hey folks, could you help me out? I’m having trouble setting up my database.


In the image below, I show how I’m trying to set it up. I thought about grabbing a galaxy and a star from that galaxy, then searching for planets related to that star, and finally the moons of each planet. Additionally, I would include the black hole of each galaxy.


I can’t find accurate sources and information. For example, I added the Pinwheel galaxy, but I can’t find any stars from that galaxy. Is there another way to approach solving the problem so that the tables continue to make sense and connect with each other?

The easy route would be to fill everything with data from the Milky Way, but I don’t think that would be correct. Open to suggestions!

If anyone wants to take a look, here’s the link to how the database structure is shaping up:

I ran into a problem like this too, it was getting very complicated to enter accurate data in a way that satisfied the requirements.

For me, the key was that the tests to not require accurate data.

I did enjoy learning about different planets and galaxy types and star types and when things are discovered and how they are named! But eventually I just needed to enter dummy data to complete this project and satisfy the tests. You might consider that the “very easy route”.

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Thanks for the advice, I’ll continue using dummy data, as it’s more practical. Most importantly, I realize now that I had this fixed idea that the data had to be authentic, even though it’s not mentioned in the problem statement. I think it’s possible to mix official data with dummy data, making the construction of the database even more interesting.

haha I was working with the same assumption at first as well. The real data is fascinating to discover and work with but gets pretty sketchy the further out you go with galaxies! It’s funny how much we’ve discovered and at the same time how little we know about the closest galaxies.

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@diogoodev May I ask you what app did you use to create this ER diagram?

Hey @wilsond_barbosa, sure thing! I used the app eraser.io to create this ER diagram.

Ahhh, folks, before I forget, I just finished structuring the DB! Now, I’m diving into the code, all thanks to @pkdvalis for unlocking my creativity!

In case others have the same question, a cool approach to the problem is using planets from Star Trek. There are so many, like a whole bunch more, with awesome names and loads of moons!

Tip: blend real galaxies with a touch of fiction.

Happy coding, everyone! :wink:

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