Centering content and left aligning it

I am having the worst time.

I created 2 sections for a form and unorded list, when I center them they become centered but no longer aligned left.

Here is my codepen if anyone can help

(I don’t know why this ended up in the Python forum I marked it html-css :confused:


am not exactly sure what you are tyring to achieve

Here it is after I tried to format the content.

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you dont have a closing tag for this one ,your mising
in the end
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<div class="container">
mising </div> in the end
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line 89

you have closing tag but no were starting tag <form>
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line 51

 <li><label id="name-label">Please enter your name</label>
mising closing tag </li>
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line 54 </l1> you tiped 1 insted of i

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Ty for the fixes! it is now centered but not lined up to the left

line 73

 <input type="number" id="number" name="age" placeholder="your age" min="1" max="105"
this is not closed
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justify-content: left;
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work on your .container
he is holdig oll stuf inside

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Thank you @zaklina! I have some googling to do :slightly_smiling_face:

It`s OK we oll do that…
If you stuck be free to ask…

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hire you got tipo 
 it shud be :

and this:
shud be


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If you want to center the whole container (like the form), but keep the text left-aligned, you have to give the container a max-width of (for example) 70% and margin: 0 auto.

By the way, your CSS selectors have some errors, you’re trying to target .form and .ul, but those elements don’t have a class, so you don’t need the dot. Currently those selectors don’t do anything on the page.

Does this what you expect?

form {
  margin:0 auto;
  font-size: 20px;

ul {
  font-size: 20px;
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She has to fix her HTML first
,you cant aplay CSS to it …


That doesn’t really do anything, but yes that’s invalid HTML. In codepen, you don’t enter <html> or <body> tags, codepen does it for you behind the scenes, so maybe those tags just get ignored. Or it gets auto-corrected by the browser. In any case, running the HTML through a validator is a good idea.

Your page is much nicer ,
if you wont to write this < and not cosing err in your HTML
you write &lt;

in line 56 <ul> and in line 48 anader <ul>
is not closed you need closing tag </ul>