Centering CSS tabs

I was looking into ways to make tabs in CSS and came across this example:

Everything worked well, except that I can’t get it to center in the web browser. Any Ideas why?

Hi @Thacodemonkey
Not sure what you need but maybe wrap the whole thing in a div like:

<div id='tabdiv'>
<!--All the your tab divs here-->


margin: auto;
width: 80%;
text-align: center;

float: left/* remove this*/
display: inline-block;

This centered the content and the tabs to the <div class="tabs> container, but it is still on the left side of the screen. I want the tabs on the left side of the container, and the text on the left side of the container as well, I want the whole container centered on the page.

I have undeleted an earlier reply, just incase its what you need.

Wrapping it all in a div worked. Thank you.