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I just wanted to ask when centering an element in your HTML is it a must to specify the width of the element. In my case the center class element int the code below and lastly when applying styles to an element which of the following is better. I know of another solution which using position:absolute and setting top,right,bottom,left to 0.

HTML doc
    <div class="center"><p>Hi </p></div>

section > center > p{apply style}
center p{apply style}


It is not necessary, with text-align: center it will be in the center of any size of the screen.

It depends on your needs, if you want to center only the paragraph in the div element, this

p {
  text-align: center;

is enough.
But if you want to center the entire content of the div element, so use

.center {
  text-align: center;

Hi! When centering an element in HTML, specifying the width can help, especially when using margin auto in CSS, because it defines how much space the element should occupy before centering it. For the .center class element, you might not always need to specify the width, but it depends on your centering method. If you’re using Flexbox or Grid, specifying width is not a must.

Regarding your CSS query, there seems to be a slight confusion in your selectors. If you’re aiming to style the <p> inside a div with class .center, your CSS selector should reflect the class, not the <center> tag (which is obsolete and not recommended for use). Here are the corrected versions:

  1. To specifically target the <p> within a .center class that is a direct child of a <section>, use:

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section > .center > p { /* apply style */ }

This is more specific and ensures styles are applied only to <p> elements directly inside a .center class, which is directly inside a <section>.
2. To target any <p> within a .center class, regardless of nesting, use:

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.center p { /* apply style */ }

This is less specific and will apply to all <p> elements within any element with the .center class, which can be useful for more general styling.

Between the two, the better option depends on your specific needs for specificity and scope. If you need to apply styles only in a specific context (directly within a <section>), use the first option. If you want your styles to be more general and apply to any <p> within .center, regardless of where it is, use the second option.

As for centering using position: absolute with top, right, bottom, and left set to 0, it’s a technique often used for centering an element both vertically and horizontally within a relative container. However, it’s more suited for specific design requirements and not a one-size-fits-all solution, especially since it takes the element out of the normal document flow. For most cases, Flexbox or Grid offers a more flexible and easier-to-manage approach to centering content.

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Thanks for the great solution and advice. Really helpful in my career.

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You are welcome ) Glad I could help.