Centering logo for tablet and mobile devices

The logo is centered for tablet and mobile devices. But when loading the site the logo moves from left to center and it looks bad . Is there any way to fix it to make sure that there is no glitch and logo always remain centered.

I feel like this might be some WordPress derpy-ness. It looks like the resource is loaded and displayed before its style is applied. It might be the case that if this was done mobile-first (i.e. the centering was the default) it would work just fine. But I’m not sure I really know what is happening to be honest and debugging WP code in the browser is kind of difficult.

If nothing else can fix it, using a loading spinner might at least hide the page until it is fully loaded.

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Hello @rabbit978 and @lasjorg

If lasjorg is on the right track you could try inlining the associated css that is responsible for the logo placement. ( just for an example in the html use style=“padding-left: 24px;” )You could also try adding caching, this can significantly increase css loading speed.