Certificate project: Survey Form

I’ve got the html part of my form done and passed all tests. I was going through working on the stylesheet to make the form look better. I know there is a way to line up the text with radio buttons and check boxes. Can someone point me in a direction to find the exercise that covered that or suggest a starting point and I’ll go from there. Also don’t know if this is a dumb question or not. When building with html and css, is it best to do all the html first, then go back and style the page or should I make it a habit of doing both as I go along? I know this is going to be opinion based, I just wanted to get an idea of a good practice to get into is. Thank you in advance for any suggestions and advice.

content comes before style in general. (unless the main point of the website is to display the style)
However, you can go back and add content (such as a span element or a div etc ) if the styling requires it. But the content - the text - the images - needs to be determined up to a point. before the design is done. People also draw their designs first before going to the css part. Even if you don’t have all the text and images figured out, you should know how they work together (their approximate proportions to the viewport) to support the purpose of the page.

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