Certificates - where to find them

I completed the first certificate and I was wondering where this can be actually visualized.

After completing the ‘claim you certificate’ challenge I didn’t receive any email or notification of sort. I know it’s a bit trivial, but after having put in a lot of work to get it I’d like to see a sort of official feedback in regard of it, something I could put on my LinkedIn for instance. Is there a way to get something a link/picture to show on resumes and such?

Thank you!

Congrats on the certificate!

You should find it here:

If you update your settings to feature your name it should show up on your certificate as well.

Thanks buddy!

I had to go through the ‘update my portfolio with github’ process on the settings page. Now it’s all set to properly visualize my certificate.
Do you implement freecodecamp’s certificates into your Linkedin somehow?

Thanks a lot for your help

For LinkedIn I just took a screenshot of it and put it as an attachment.

Cool. Thanks a lot.!