**Challenge:** Port Scanner HOST NAME ERROR

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Hello Commnity, How you guys doing? Im having a little bit of trouble with my port scan challenge…
Hello guys, i’ve improve my code and he is finally finding the open ports and written in a list ! YEAH!!
The problem is now with the verbose mode. I cannot compare with the dict provide! Can you guys take a look at my code?
Thank you!

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Challenge: Port Scanner

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Hi @ebusinesstoken,
I have had a look to your code and I’ll make a few suggestions hoping you wouldn’t mind.

  • I see you are .insert 'ing port numbers into the open_ports list. This is frankly overdoing it and a recipe for disaster. Instead, why don’t you just .append them? Then, when you need to look-up the names of the services you loop through this list (normal for port in open_ports structure and access common_ports.ports_and_services[port] to append it to your verbose output.
  • By doing this, you will not duplicate code. You check for a port number, append it to the list, you’ll deal with the verbose output later.
  • Also, you can refactor your code and place your function portScannerVerbose outside of the main function, get_open_ports. Although it is possible to cram function definitions in the middle of your code, it is not pleasant to debug.

Hope this helps clearing a few things for later improvements. Let me know how it goes.

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