Challenge unsolvable

Dear freecodecamp,

I am doing this challenge at the moment:

and I added the following on lines 17 - 20

header .follow-btn {
display: flex;
margin: 0 0 0 auto;

But it keep saying:

// running tests Your


should have a


property set to


. // tests completed

What am I missing here?

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Hello I think you only added flex properties to the header. follow-btn element. The challenge clearly says that you need to add display: flex to the following classes:

  • header
  • the header’s .profile-name
  • the header’s .follow-btn
  • the header’s h3 and h4
  • the footer
    *and the footer’s .stats .

This challenge is a bit tricky and I did not pass the tests at the first attempt. So, write your code carefully and take your time.

Happy Non-Stuck Coding!

also, an ad blocker can cause this challenge tests to not work


That’s true some extensions clash with freeCodeCamp. Try disabling some and you might pass. It worked for one camper:

Addblocker disabled. Test passed.

I think it even was mentioned at the start of the course. I did not listen and learned the hard way.

Thank you all for helping :smiley:


Glad to hear it worked!

Yes, they mention it at the start and sometimes extensions are worth disabling. :smile: