Challenges (create example1 example2 selector) don't accept '>' after example1 as an answer

I didn’t know, if I should have created issue in github, because this actually isn’t a big deal. in Responsive Web Design (Beta) course challenges that require creating selectors with multiple classes don’t accept (example1 > example2 {…})

If I understand you, you are saying that you think it should accept .author-name > a:hover as well as .author-name a:hover?

What the test wants is the descendant combinator - it will select children, grandchildren, etc. What you are offering is the child selector. There is some overlap there but they are not the same thing. The phrase “element within” tells us that they want any descendent, not just children.

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Hello there,

Thank you, for taking the time to open this.

In general, we have tried to make the tests lenient - accept correct answers.

In this case, however, .author-name > a:hover is incorrect, solely because the instructions are to create a .author-name a:hover selector.

Another example:
Instructions: Use the let keyword to create a variable named test.

What you do: var test;

Despite having correctly created a variable named test, you have not followed the instructions.

Hope this clarifies

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