Challenges gone? [Solved]


Yesterday i found out about freeCodeAmp, made an account and was very excited doing the challenges. I got to the Build a Tribute Page challenge where i decided to called it quits for the day.
Today as i logged in i realised all my completed challenges are gone. Maybe there was a sign in problem on my side (Firefox), but i dont really want to redo all the challenges, especially since i fear this problem might occur again and time is precious.
So now im wondering how i can get them back, or maybe they will auto show up after i do the tribute page challenge?

Thanks for help

What is your Free Code Camp username? There doesn’t seem to be an account for ‘moorli’

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I’ve found that going to your completed solution can fix this problem.To get to that page just click on your profile picture, afterwards you can click on the view solution button.

I think there’s a small bug that doesn’t load everything when you choose the solved task from map.

hope I made sense.

Ok, seems i forgot to link my account to github, and my name wasnt properly registered, i was still using a generic Fc78439 code while doing the challenges.

Moorli should work now as account, but i guess the challenge progressions is gone now nevertheless ?

Hmmm, it probably is lost - but don’t worry. You don’t actually need to pass those challenges in order to earn the certificates.

Only the challenges with * next to them in the map are required. (i.e. all the projects, and the basic and intermediate algorithms).

It’s disappointing to lose the ‘points’, but they don’t really mean much…it’s the learning and expanding portfolio of apps that counts!

thx a lot still, without you i might never noticed i havent registered properly :slight_smile:

is there a way to close the topic , since it resolved?

We usually just edit the post title…(I’ll do it for you, but you can do it yourself in future if you like - it’s not a big deal, though :))