Change content dynamically using sendgrid api

Hello Everyone,
I want to know that How to pass an arrray to the sendgrid newsletter content using senddgrid api and then loop through an array and create a list of url out of that array.
I am getting that array from the airtable api and I want to update the content after every 24hour and add another array to the existing content.
Please anyone help me with this issue.

Hey there,

please show us your code, e.g. on Github.

Also show us what you don’t understand in the sendgrid docs.

Hello @miku86,
I am getting an array of url’s from airtable api and now I want to pass that array to the sendgrid template and create a list out of that.
And everyday I get new array of url’s from the airtable api and I want to update the current list of url’s in sendgrid template everyday and after One week I want to send the newsletter(I figured out How to send the emails).
I only want to know how to send array as data to sendgrid template using sendgrid api and update the template but not override the previously added url’s.
If you have any idea how to do that, please help me
Just show me direction, I’ll code it by myself.

I found this on sendgrid docs

  {{#each user.orderHistory}}
   <li>You ordered: {{this.item}} on: {{}}</li>

They are using handlebars to do this but I don’t know how to pass this array(in my case it’s array of url’s)user.orderHistory
to sendgrid so it loop over through an array and generate a list out of that.