Changing font. where did I go wrong? [Solved]

Hi, I am very new to coding and I have seemed to have made an error when trying to adapt the google font “Lobster”.

I was wondering if someone could please point out the problem to me?

Your <h2> styling should be inside <style></style> tags (just like you did with p)

I have highlighted the part where you went wrong.

The styles should be placed within the opening and closing style tag. But you have mistakenly put them in the h2 tag.

It should be like this.

Thankyou so much.

Could you help me out with this one too?

It must have been a glitch. Because it now says that I’m correct when I haven’t changed anything.

You can easily fix your errors just by following detailed instructions in the left bottom corner, as highlighted in this image (red rectangle):

So you should add a class called smaller-image to your image, and also make sure its 100% wide.
Good luck!