Changing my username on github doubt

Hi, is it ok to change my git hub username? My username has a digit attached to my name and I feel it does not sound professional… Will I lose all my repositories if I change my user name? What is the best practice for naming username on git hub?

Your repositories remain yours, but the URLs to them will change, so any existing clones of those repos will need to update the config to point to the new upstream URL.

I prefer to use my real name on github, but I’ve seen plenty of professionals use a nickname. People care about the content of your repos, not so much your name.

You can change your name on Github. I have done it. You will have to remember to change your name manually on your local repos and anywhere else you put links to your profile.

ok, noted with thanks but with my name i got a 07 digit added here which i wonder if ok or not to continue? does it matter at all?

ok noted with thanks

Your forum username doesn’t have to match your github username, but if you want to change it in both places, it can be changed here as well.

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Just to note, automatic redirects are created for repositories when you change your username. This means any existing clones pointing to the old url should still work in theory.

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