Cheap way to send ERC20 tokens to multiple addresses

Hi folks,
is there any possibility to save gas (transaction fees) for sending ERC20 tokens to multiple addresses kind of an airdrop?

Tokens are already completely minted so this is no opportunity.
It’s an existing token and we need to share some free tokens to a list of addresses.

Thank you for your help.

Welcome there,

Is this in reference as a way to donate to freeCodeCamp? Or, should this topic be moved from #support ?

HI, if we find a good solution here to save eth gas for the transactions we’ll surely will donate part of the saved ETH to freeCodeCamp

I’m confused as to why you are asking this here. It sounds like you’re not talking about freeCodeCamp transactions, so does this relate to some personal code project?

freeCodeCamp does have some blockchain related content on freeCodeCamp News, but I don’t know if there’s anything that would relate to transaction fees.

I’m refering to this post: How I built a multi-token Airdrop Central to distribute ERC20 tokens and I thought that somebody can help me with my request, beceause in the post it was stated that if there are any questions I could use the support section here.

Thanks for providing that context! It helps us understand what the question refers to. I don’t know much about ERC20 tokens, but hopefully someone else here does.

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