Check code button

The ‘check your code’ button does not work. This is not the first time I experience this. Had this issue in the Role Playing Game project in the JavaScript curriculum where I clicked that button multiple times to check if my code is right or wrong.

It prohibits the use of posting to the forum when it does not work, specifically if it only works when the code is only right. How will I ask for help when this is an issue?

I appeal that this feature gets handled so that users like me can post to the forum requesting for help.

I appeal. Thank you.

This means you have a serious syntax error that is prohibiting the code you wrote from running.

The button has to work regardless.

What Jeremy means is that it is possible for your code to cause the JavaScript process to crash. The platform does its best to catch common errors and prevent them from crashing the site, but students always find new ways to write errors. You may be able to get more information by opening the browser console (F12). You can also share your cod with us on the forum and talk us through what’s happening.