Check if an Object has a Property lesson

Hey guys, where am I wrong here Lol

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let users = {
Alan: {
  age: 27,
  online: true
Jeff: {
  age: 32,
  online: true
Sarah: {
  age: 48,
  online: true
Ryan: {
  age: 19,
  online: true

function isEveryoneHere(userObj) {
// Only change code below this line
if (userObj in userObj === 1) {
  return true;
else {
  return false;

// Only change code above this line

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Challenge: Check if an Object has a Property

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What does this mean?

I understood if object has property it returns true, so I made if statement to === 1 ;p

true is not equal to 1.

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any tips other than it, i feel lost ;p and I thought true is 1 or everything is true unless states otherwise?

Here’s how you could check if “Alan” is one of the keys.

const isAlanThere = "Alan" in userObj;

You need to do something like that to check for those four users.

Remember that if evaluates the truthiness of something. That means that if the value inside the if statement returns a boolean, then you don’t need to compare it to anything.

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