Check out my Buddy Holly tribute pretty please!

Hi everybubby :3

I finallyyyy finished my tribute page and made it look exactly the way I wanted it to. I was trying to create a page good enough to stick in my portfolio, which I also plan on redesigning at some point ^-^"

But yeah, here’s a link to my codepen:

Please check it out and give me feedback! I know the code is a little messy at certain points, but I’m looking more for ways the design could be better! Thanks in advance for any comments! :smiley:

Nice first project! It looks fantastic on my screen but it looks a little less good when I shrink the size or on mobile (not a big deal, just things to think about for future projects). Also try to avoid using
tags, especially multiple in a row to space stuff out. Instead, I recommend using padding/margin in your css to space things out the way you want.

Looks nice. Easy on the eyes and an interesting read.