Check out my JavaScript Calculator. Would love feedback!

Hey team,

Just wanted to share my JavaScript calculator with you guys. If anyone has any feedback, that would be much appreciated!

JavaScript Calculator



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Congratulations! I like the “shiny” effect on the display.

A couple of tweaks that aren’t required user stories for the project, but might be nice to implement:

  1. Fortunately you’ve taken steps to limit the number of digits in the input to avoid numbers running out of the side of the field, and your “formula” field wraps, so no worries there—but it’s possible to put in a string of operations long enough that the formula field starts overlapping the current input field:
  2. Check out what happens when doing 0.1 + 0.2! See and .

Thanks for the great feedback, Abdi! I checked out the links you gave me, they were very helpful.

  1. I limited the formula field to a maximum length to control the wrapping.
  2. I handled the float edge case by using parseFloat. It should work properly now.

Thanks for the help!