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Hello, I am a Maths Teacher in the UK, about to retire and would really appreciate some advice on the path that I would need to take , to be able to code an app which would work over i-phone and android formats. Last coding was in basic , thirty years ago. robertgeorge

There are a couple of different approaches. One would be to code those natively, which would basically mean writing two apps, one for Android in Java or Kotlin and one for iOS, in Objective-C or Swift.

Another approach would be to use a library to build a cross platform app. There are various ways to do it - I use React Native to do that - write it once in React and compile it to the two platforms.

There are also “no code” frameworks to build apps.

And there is a rainbow of stuff in between. A lot of it will depend on how complex of an app you need and what kind of low level access you need.

Thanks for your reply Kevin, I appreciate that . I like the sound of writing once rather than twice, so I will investigate React. Thanks again.

React Native is the library for building mobile apps. React is more generic, used primarily for web. But 95% of learning React Native is learning React, so it’s a good place to start. You can learn the basics of React here, in the curriculum.

And as full disclosure, there are other ways to build cross-platform mobile apps.

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