Choosing OS system

Which GNU/Linux is better for programming:

  • Trisquel
  • Guix
  • PureOS

I am using Windows 8.1 Pro and get stuck using it so I want to change.

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depends on what type/language you want to code in ?
Do you wan to do more console based Or IDE ? Which editors you prefer etc…

Mostly all Linux flavors provide basic consistency - mostly picking one over the other is personal preference.

@TheOwl I would like to use HTML/CSS/JS(all JS libraries). And IDEs.

I run WSL2 for work, it’s been great so far and I recommend it :slight_smile:

@Marmiz How about windows 8.1 pro?

I think you need Windows 10 to run it:

If updating is not an option for you, then I’m afraid I cannot suggest or recommend anything.

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Hey there @AndrewAung11!

Have you considered Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is one of the most streamlined Linux Systems out there and along with a nice UI there’s also most of the Application support you’ll ever need.

There’s also Elementary OS, and Fedora so there are so many more popular options that might get more support due to Ubuntu being a corporate company, Fedora being owned by RedHat and Elementary being funded by other companies.

Just a thought…


I would say pick a OS which has large enough community. You may run into hardware components not working on some Linux distros due to device driver issues.

Choose a mainstream OS.
Pick (any 1): Windows/Mac/Ubuntu
for css/html - all you need is a browser preferably Chrome/Firefox
JS libs should be available for the above 3 OS and you can use a package manager to help you out.

You can install Linux from within Windows Or a clean Install. Depends on your proficiency.


There is no best Linux distro for programming.

If you want to use Linux, I’d just pick one that has an asthetic you like and has a big enough userbase that you can Google support questions easily.


@TheOwl I am sorry I missed to write Python and Ruby

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You can write almost any language on almost any computer. You do not need a particular distro of Linux to develop with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, or Ruby.

@Cy499_Studios does GNU support Ubuntu? I mean can I use GNU system easily in it?

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It depends upon what you mean when you say GNU.


One thing to note is that Linux is Linux and no matter what Distro you use you will get the same kernel, the same apps, and the same language support, Linux was made to be open.

I wouldn’t worry too much about language support because Linux supports everything Windows does and more sometimes. That’s I would tell you to go with whatever has more support, do your research and make sure, and yes Ubuntu is GNU.

@JeremyLT @TheOwl @Cy499_Studios @Marmiz Thank you for answering me. I understand what to do now.

Better use ubuntu mate a variant of Ubuntu it has Better memory management and does not possess memory caching problem like ubuntu
and it’s UI is highly customisable, it also possess OEM support of secure boot I been using it for a while it works better than any other Linux distribution also better for programming and general purpose use

Those benefits you listed really apply to almost every distro. There really isn’t a best distro for programming. It’s all personal preference.