Chrome dev console only printing once

I’m probably missing something very obvious here but in the challange debugging, understanding the difference between FCC console and chrome console, the console.log only prints once.
Why does this happen when the excercise says that it should print to console twice?

// Open your browser console
let outputTwo = "This will print to the browser console 2 times";
// Use console.log() to print the outputTwo variable
  • Reset the code and refresh the page.
  • Open the browser console.
  • Type that console.log into the FCC editor.
  • Look at the browser console.
  • Type the console.clear into the FCC editor.
  • Look at your browser console.
  • Type the last console.log command into the FCC editor.
  • Look at the browser console.

Before putting in the clear, you should see the line print twice in the browser console. It will only happen when you add the console lines one at a time.

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I’m running into the exact same problem in both Chrome and Firefox, and refreshing the code is not making my FCC browser console behave the same way as it does in this video at (4:30):

When I perform the same actions, I only get a single print in the browser console (though I get two prints in the Chrome dev console). See image here:

I’m not sure why my browser is not behaving identically to the one in the video, though I can get the tests to pass and move on. I just want to be sure this is not going to be an issue moving forward with my lessons.