Chromebook ? Cloud IDE

I’ve been chugging along for about a month learning as I go. I m doing everything on an acer 11 chromebook. i have it hooked up to a 55in tv so screen is good. as i get deeper into this though im realizing i need to use resources that arent readily available to me. such as git node.js etc. i played around with codeanywhere just on a free trial and was able to use git (barely:noob) but i did move my stuff from codepen to github.

i guess my question is. is codeanywhere/cloud9 worth purchasing. i have read alot of people with chromebooks go in dev mode and install linux. i dont think i have enough experience for that and im learning enough new material as is. i pick things up quick but i have only moved past binge watching netflix in last month.

so realistically. to be a legit web developer that can work a full stack i need to get codeanywhere? or do i upgrade to a mac/pc. i love this chromebook and would prefer to keep it or even get that new samsung chromebook. idk. does anyone else do their thing primarily on a chromebook? are there any drawbacks to codeanywhere? when is a good time to invest… as in at what skill level. thanks.

Honestly going I to dev mode and installing a Linux distro in my opinion is your best option. 1. It’s the cheapest way to go since you already have the device. 2. Linux experience is great to have even if it’s just knowing a few bash command’s.

i figured out git pretty quick. idk. is there a site u can point me to for a how to?? and am i in any danger of damaging my computer if i dont know what im doing?

I use cloud9:

The freemium option will cover most small projects. The ide loads relatively quickly, and overall the experience is not bad.

@itievolution the ui looks a little more inviting than codeanywhere. im assuming they are similar, i tried CA yesterday

success. good call. cloud nine seems a lot nicer. i just sent got one of my proj from here up…now to figure out all the other things that can be done.

EDIT 1: I have been playing with cloud nine for a couple days now. I think it is a must for someone with a chromebook. I realize I will need access to a bash for lots of things. Now I yet another skill set to learn…

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@benjaminadk what’s your update on this experience? I’m at the point of working on projects that require libraries, APIs, and the like. I’m wondering if I can learn how to do that kind of thing on Cloud 9 for free. I was also thinking of just upgrading my Codepen account to Pro, so that I can do that kind of thing there. It’s only $9 a month. Then again, the whole point of this exercise is not to cling mindlessly to my chromebook - it’s more to see how invested in this journey I am before I change my machinery. Like you, before I decided to dabble in this stuff, I was fully committed to chromebooks. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.