Chronik—React-Redux Client-side Router (#Hacktoberfest)

Haiiii all!

Introducing Chronik!

A React-Redux client-side router that’s (I think) relatively straightforward to use.

Okay, I’m done with the shameless advertising. .____. I wasn’t planning on “releasing” this until maybe when I’m done with being an ultra-self-conscious paranoid about it but I’m going to use @ManBearPigg’s post about Hacktoberfest as an excuse to do so.

A few weeks ago I decided to have a go at implementing routing in a React-Redux app from scratch as a learning exercise and it turns out that it was more straightforward than I thought. I decided to have a go at publishing it onto GitHub as a separate project as well as making it an NPM module for personal use as… well, another learning exercise!

So… again, introducing Chronik! It does not use context and doesn’t have any dependencies that you wouldn’t normally have in a React-Redux app (maaaaaybe you don’t have redux-thunk sometimes).

For those who are curious, Chronik simply hooks window.location and the History Web API to the redux store. As far as I can tell from testing it in my own apps so far, it’s fully compatible with the navigation methods in the History Web API.

Please observe the Contributor’s Guideline carefully—while this is a learning exercise for me and I would gladly accept any kind of contribution specified in the guideline and apply Hacktoberfest labels to them, I won’t tolerate bullshit because I simply don’t have the time for it.

Please also consider checking issues in freeCodeCampe repositories first. This post definitely isn’t meant to take away meaningful contributions from projects that I personally consider more useful.

If you don’t intend to contribute but want to criticise how terrible Chronik is/how one shouldn’t reinvent the wheel/how we don’t need more libraries, frameworks and components—please kindly do so, provided that you do it in a constructive manner.

Otherwise… have fun! I won’t be getting the cool T-shirt but I hope that it’ll contribute to someone’s T-shirt!

Time to go find a nice, dark corner to hide.

EDIT: Typo! Reworded awkward expression!
MORE EDIT: Included message about contributing to freeCodeCamp’s repository first.