Chunky monkey (getting empty subarrays pushed in the end of array)

It might be weird way of solving it but I almost done it – the only problem left is that I’m getting empty subarrays pushed in the end (in cases when given as argument array can be divided in groups without remainder.)
I don’t understand how is that possible – part of function than slicing and pushing subarrays is the same for cases for array that give remainder when divided in groups, and it works well there.
Please help!

function chunkArrayInGroups(arr, size) {
  var subarray = arr.slice (0,size);
  var newarray = [];
  var arrlength = arr.length;
  var parts = arrlength/size;
    if (parts.isInteger) {     
      while (newarray.length < parts) {
      subarray = arr.slice ((newarray.length*size),       ((newarray.length*size)+size));
    else { 
      var intparts = Math.floor(parts);
      while (newarray.length < intparts){
       subarray = arr.slice ((newarray.length*size),((newarray.length*size)+size));
    subarray = arr.slice ((newarray.length*size));
    newarray.push (subarray);
  return newarray;
  chunkArrayInGroups(["a", "b", "c", "d"], 2);


Your code looks a bit confusing to me. In any case, I had a similar problem but I got empty arrays also in the middle of the solution array.

Anyway, this problem actually is pretty simple. To solve it you could just produce a for loop that scans the array to slice. The real trick in this problem is how to increment the i for loop number after every iteration. As a beginner (i don’t know if you are but i’m still very green) you might think that the i variable should be only increased by one (the tipical i++). but guess by who much you could increment it as well (hint you have this value in you function right at the beginning).

After that, I believe you should know how to solve the problem by fine tuning your slice method values.

I hope I made myself understandable and I’m willing to help more if you have more questions.

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Hey AlessioNovi thank you for your reply!
Yes I’ve seen that very often this challenge is solved with help of for-loop, and I will solve it again later with for-loop. But in my a bit weird solution :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I used while-loop: until condition is true (new two-dimensional array doesn’t have all subarrays pushed in) function will slice() and push(); doesn’t it make sence? I’ve checked every part of code with console.log() and everything is working except those empty subarrays in the end (but only in cases when given as argument array can be divided in groups without remainder). Maybe you remember how you’ve got rid of those empty arrays? How they even get there? my function suppose to push() in only subarrays with data.

I no longer have that code:( I simply remember to have rethought the problem in a for loop, you could actually solve it in a while loop way by creating a i variabile and increasing and slice/push in the same fashion i explained you before. Still I believe the the thought process for this solution should not so complex :smiley:

I hope someone with more knowledge can reply to your former query.

happy coding!

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Yay! I’ve manage to pass it :notes:. There was a lot of unnecessary stuff in my code :flushed:! now i can go to sleep. thank you and happy coding :penguin: