Class coupling visualization with p5.js

Here is a visualization of a Java program. Each big circle represents a Class. The initial size (mass) of the circle is proportional to the number of fields and methods in the class. Each time the class calls a method of another class, the mass of the class increases, and a small circle will spawn. If class A calls B.method(), the small circle will have the same color (color B) as the circle that represents class B. If there are lots of small circles with color B following circle A, then the force of attraction on circle B exerted by circle A will be big. (Circle B does not attract Circle A if there are no small circles with color A following Circle B).

Question: Can you tell by looking at the visualization as to how the methods in classes are interacting with each other?

would you be able to describe it?

Is it a good way to visualize coupling between classes?

Is it good for anything at all?

Thank you so much