Classes ?! In javascript

I saw somebody talking about classes here in JavaScript section of the forum, but i looked it up on google and i found that js uses objects instead.
In case google doesn’t know and there are are classes in javascript, are they covered in the curriculum? Or what the substitute for classes then? If the substitue of classes is covered then dont bother.

Javascript is based on prototypical inheritance:

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you should look the ES6 section of JS curriculum here on FCC. This lesson in particular:

EDIT: the frontend React section also uses its old class based syntax, unlike its contemporary hooks syntax(and i suppose hooks also use classes under the hood).


This was useful. Thanx
Is this link part of the javascript chalenges? i’m at at least 82% level of js algorithms section of the curriculum.

It looks like the link @Sylvant gave you was to the es6 section.

If you are already on the basic algorithms section, then you have already passed the es6 section.
You can always go back and review those es6 lessons.

Me at 82% of javascript algorithms and data structure certification, never heard of ES6 or classes untill i saw them on that link provided up here!
Till now i saw variables, strings, arrays, functions, if /else if/else statement, switch statements, objects, complex objects, while and for loops. No es5 which was made in2009 nor es6 of 2015 or any classes have been presented in the challenges so far.

Ohh ok.
I misunderstood. :grinning:

When you said this

I thought you were referring to the basic algorithms section.

Not the basic JS section.

All clear now. :grinning:

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That looks interesting though, will i see it in a diffrent section, or in js section? cuz all i see is first section: responsive webdesign, second section: javascript algorithms…etc. then other sections.
I don’t wanna miss out important stuff like the classes and this basic algorithm scripting.

Yeah, you will get to it.

The javascript certification is one of the longest certifications because there are many sections.

Here are all of the sections within the javascript certification.

  • Basic JavaScript
  • ES 6
  • Regular Expressions
  • Debugging
  • Basic Data Structures
  • Basic Algorithm Scripting
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Functional Programming
  • Intermediate Algorithm Scripting
    5 projects

You won’t miss anything as long as you keep going through one challenge after another.

are you saying that the last 18% in the javascript algorithms certification still have all this list?
I’m at for loops right now. I’m talking about one certification here, I only saw javascript basics and data structures and I’m at 82% which means the rest of this list you gave is in the last 18% of the certification.

When you click on the certification, you should see all of the sections I mentioned.

Here is a screenshot.
I had to zoom out but you should see the sections that I mentioned.
There are a total of 9 sections plus the projects.

I know it is a lot.
But the good news is that most of these topics transfer over to other programming languages.

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i posted a new topic about a problem i have loading my current challenge , would you help? its called big problem in curriculum, you should see it posted on the forum.

There is no need to cross unrelated threads.

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