What is this clip means in this className?

<audio **className='clip'** id={} src={item.url}>

it referse back to a name of a class
audio= is that it means an audio
then className: The className property sets or returns the class name of an element (the value of an element’s class attribute).
which is equal to/conects to clip
then you have the id atribute connected to the name of the item
and then a src funtction which will look for and item with an url tag like http

I understand the React className as class in CSS, but, where is the clip coming from. In some programs, I haven’t seen the clip element in CSS. Is it built-in in audio tag or we have to defined in CSS. As I understood that the CSS clip property is to clip the portion of a visible object, but I have seen this that people are using in Drum Machine Project, which I am having problem to understand that what they are clipping?

<audio className=‘clip’ id={} src={item.url}>

It’s the name of a class, it’s arbitrary, CSS classes can be called anything. “clip” is being used because the element it refers to is an audio clip; it makes sense to call it what it is. It could be className="clippetydoodah", makes no difference, the name of a class is just an arbitrary name.

Thank you. Now I got it. Because, I was testing it without the clip and with the clip and it made no difference.