Cleared Browser Cache, Lost Account Progress

I cleared my browser cache and cookies while trying to debug an issue with Github pages, and after logging back in to FCC, nearly all of my progress has disappeared. It is likely that I have accidentally created multiple accounts over the years as I have often tried out the site for short periods, and can never remember if I had used Google/Github/Facebook/email to log in.

I have tried all four methods, and they all show me an old profile from about 2 years ago with only one project (portfolio) complete. When I recently came back to FCC after about a year, I had more progress than is currently shown, and in the past week or two I have done a number of the projects and Javascript challenges. But it’s almost all gone. The only change outside of this site was changing my Github username.

Is there any way to find my old account? I still have the front-end projects on Codepen and Github Pages, so I could create a new account and resubmit them, but I don’t have any of the Javascript/algorithm challenges saved.

When you are logged in to your old account, check your settings. If any other accounts (GitHub, Google, etc) are linked, remove them. Make sure that the email address on your old account is not the same as the one used for your new account. If you don’t need the old one anymore, you can just completely delete it.

Thank you for your response. The only settings related to Github/Google I see are under the ‘Web Presence’ section, and they are all blank. I removed freeCodeCamp from my each of my Google, Facebook, and Github accounts, and I’m still being taken to my old account.

I am almost positive the email associated with both accounts is the same. I’m guessing I signed up using my email originally and then used my Google account to create a new account. Even though it’s the same Google account as the email.

I am baffled as to what happened here. I managed to find a support email address in the forums after posting and have contacted them.

I plan to delete the old account, but I don’t want to delete it until I am sure I can recover my progress.

Have you tried changing the email associated with your old account?

In terms of what happened, there was a bug for a little while that could sometimes cause duplicate account creation if a camper attempted to log in with a different authentication method. For example, if someone created an account via email address and then later clicked “Log in with Google”. This has been resolved, but there are still ways to get your account in a weird state.

Hey, it worked! Thanks so much! I think that’s exactly what happened. I must have originally signed up with either my email or Github account and later signed up with Google. Thank you!

I’m glad I was able to help. Happy coding!