Click Button is not Working .. Help me .. TQ

…IF I click on button it should change to I am executed … but Button (click) is not working … can anyone help me were did I make a mistake …

Hello Sailaja,

Looks like you missed double-quote pairs for onclick attribute

Still Not working … changed … onclick=“execute1()” …

Please recheck, make sure it’s onclick, in screenshot you provided is onlick(typo).

You may also provide the code in simple text, rathe screenshot? thanks.

:grinning: Tq so muchhhhhhh … became blind :nerd_face: … for this stupid mistake i wasted so much time … :roll_eyes:

Also please keep your attributes like following:

<button type="button" onClick="execute1()"> Click me </buttom>

that may not be relevant but it’s a good practice to keep the " stick to the = :slight_smile:

TQ … :slight_smile:
I Just started doing programming on JS basics … Need to learn more and fast … :slight_smile:

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