Click event not working on Firefox mobile? Works with everything else afaik

Hi everyone,

This is my Pen for my portfolio.

Each page is actually the side of a 3d cube and every time I pick a page it rotates (-90*page number) degrees.

I noticed that in my project page, I couldn’t click on the right half of the screen but ONLY when using Firefox on my Android. It works with Chrome on Android and on Chrome/Firefox on desktop regardless of window width. I noticed that I could click on the buttons on the right side of the screen WHILE the cube is rotating.

I have the perspective property on the container which should have “unflattened” any clickable objects and until this point that seemed to be the case.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem? Is there an easy fix for this? I’ve considered changing the transform values of each side instead of transforming the entire cube but I feel like there might be an easier solution.

Now I’ve found out that with the project page’s parallel, which is the contact page, it has no trouble recognizing touches so what the heck :expressionless: