Cloning Gitbub repository


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I’m struggling to understand how i create a GIT repository locally.
Maybe bein a bit dim but I cannot work out what I need to do sorry.
I installed github desktop but I cannot workout how to create a local repository and how then to make it public.

Regards Joe.

Challenge: How to Use package.json, the Core of Any Node.js Project or npm Package

Link to the challenge:

Maybe learn it later? It might take some time to clone the repo especially to host the server publicly (not locally) to complete these challenges. Replit is way much faster, you can also commit and push changes from replit to your github repo.

I even do these backend project locally then push to github, then open my repo in replit to host publicly to complete the FCC tests, commit and push directly from replit. I think it’s so much easier and faster.

Sorry for not answering your questions.

Thanks - I loaded the repository in replit but I cannot push to my github repository as it errors saying I need to:

Unable to connect to this GitHub repository

But when I hit the button to connect replit to github it takes me a page that says I cannot link the too.

So not really sure what I need to do next.

Regards Joe.

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